Patient Spotlight: Why Danielle Chose Chiropractic During Pregnancy & For Her Newborn

Listen in on Danielle’s experience using chiropractic care to help relieve discomfort during pregnancy and reduce her labor & delivery time by more than half!

Dr. Jonathan is honestly the best chiropractor I have ever had. He is very friendly, personable, and TRULY cares for his patients. He always begins with a very thorough assessment before doing any adjustments. He takes his time and makes sure that he asks the right questions and examines your spine, posture, and leg length before doing any treatments… not every chiropractor does this. But he takes great care with every patient, young or old, to ensure that he gives them the best treatment possible and addresses all of their individual needs. He also focuses on nutritional and supplemental care, too… he’s really passionate about the overall health and wellness of his patients. So it’s cool that he’s super knowledgeable about those things and offers these other services. His chiropractic office is also really nice and clean, too, which is a plus. 🙂 He makes you feel very comfortable, especially if it’s your first time getting chiropractic care. His chiropractic technique is extremely effective, and he adjusts very well… better than any I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t entrust my chiro treatment to anyone else.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: You won’t find a better chiropractor in South OC!! Trust me on this!


“Highly recommend Dr. Dawson especially for pregnancy and postpartum adjustments. As well as newborn adjustments. My son slept so well after his 2nd adjustment at 4 weeks old. He was also adjusted just 3 hours after birth. Delivery can be so hard on their bodies. So thankful for chiropractic care, Dr.Dawson is the best!”

“I had such a bad neck and upper shoulder pain that was almost getting unbearable. When I went to see Dr. Dawson, he did complete exam and after measuring everything, he then did an adjustment. I can say that the adjustment took away more than 80% of my pain and I felt OK right away. In fact, I had never got such a good adjustment from any other chiropractor. He also did some other tests for overall health and I must say that his expertise and his care impressed me so much that I also took my husband to get adjusted. I certainly recommend and refer anyone to go to him!”

“I don’t write reviews on places like this until I have been going for a while. After receiving regular treatments for over 2 months, along with my son, I can honestly say that Dr. Dawson is by far the best chiropractor I have ever received treatment from. Both of us have seen major improvements on our spines, and I like that he uses a holistic approach. Dr. Dawson takes time with his patients, and is very good at adjusting his technique depending on the varying needs of your body that day. He also is very good with children, and my son enjoys going to him.”

“I am super picky when it comes to chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Dawson has been the only chiropractor to help me with my sciatica pain.
He goes above and beyond during his sessions with you. He listens to your current issues and focuses on all of them rather than just the first one.
He is precise and detailed in his adjustments, which I love!! I had hip pain for over a year and he was the only one who could make the issue go away completely. To have pain for a year and then have it go away… Is the best feeling ever!
Also… I found out that he started out as a medical student before becoming a chiropractor. He really knows his Anatomy and pathology. I value his advice and recommendations for my wellness needs. He has earned these 5 stars and I am honored to give them :)”

“I have always struggled with back pain. Sometimes the slightest things will set it off and the pain will be so sharp that it hurts to take a deep breath. I have been to many chiropractors in the past and none have been able to resolve this ongoing problem. I was recommended to Dr.Dawson by a friend from school. First he did a thorough analysis to identify the root of the problem followed by an adjustment. I went back for a couple follow up adjustments thereafter. Since going to Dr.D (as I like to call him) I haven’t had any spasms! He has literally cured an ongoing problem in my life. Do yourself a favor and get an appointment with Dr.D STAT! He’s a miracle worker.”

“Doctor + character + compassionate heart + the full time assistance of The Great Physician = someone I’d trust to care for my health any day!”

“Dr. Dawson is a great Chiropractor. He’s really knowledgeable and takes time with his patients. Great adjusting, clear communication, comfortable and nice office. Highly recommended!”

“A couple months ago, I was having SEVERE neck and back pain and was desperate for relief. I came to Dr. Dawson without being able to even turn my head from side to side. Before he gave me an adjustment (my first ever!), he took such care to identify the areas of pain first and helped me figure out what I’d been doing to potentially cause the pain. After the adjustment, the pain in my back was gone (and stayed gone!) and my neck pain had drastically improved and was completely gone within 2 days! I appreciated how much time he took with me and how thorough the adjustment was. I had always been fearful of getting adjusted, but it was such a pleasant, peaceful, and pain-free experience, I will definitely go back!”

“Dr. Dawson is the best! Such a dedicated, honest chiropractor who cares about his clients. I’ve recommended him to family and friends!!!”

“After having to deal with back pain I came in to see Dr Dawson . I must say he is an amazing doctor .. i was able to feel immediate relief .. i haven’t felt this good in a while .. i completely recommend him, he is for sure my go to chiropractor. He is very polite, knowledgeable and very understanding .. listens to my concerns every time and always provides helpful tips on how to continue pain free.”

“Dr. Jonathan is amazing! He takes his time with all his patients. I love the fact that he goes above & beyond. For example, he tries to educate me with any questions and concerns I have regarding my back pain. He also ask specifically what is bothering me before the adjustment. After, I always walk out feeling like a new person with my shoulders pulled back and back straight. Definitely worth every visit”

“Amazing doctor!”

“Dr. Dawson is ahead of his time. Outstanding service.”