Julie is my GO-TO for all things sport and pain problems! I’ve trusted her for years and follow to any office she goes to. Thank you, Dr. Julie!!

Jen J.

I have been going to chiropractors for the last 50 years. Almost all of them would concentrate on my spine and crack my back and I would be out of the office in just a few minutes. Until I met Dr. Lau from Life Choice Wellness.
She is not just a spine doctor, she is a whole-body doctor. I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet, for which I have seen three doctors; the only thing they have ever offered is pain medications. I had a completely different experience with Dr. Lau, who addressed my feet issues directly and with great care. She does “toe flossing” on my toes, something I had never heard of before, and it has made a huge difference in my symptoms. She spent an entire hour working on different parts of my body on my first visit with her; I have never experienced this level of care from a chiropractor before. She is highly knowledgeable and is a great teacher, sharing with me exercises for my feet, knees and shoulders. I could go on and on about her wonderful qualities. All I can say is if you are looking for a chiropractor, especially one who has a holistic approach and takes into consideration more than your spine, you need to call her immediately. I highly recommend her.

Pari E.

Dr. Julie Lau at Life Choice was thorough and knowledgeable in the
assessment of my spine issues, immediately after she addressed it with
the perfect adjustment as my first treatment follow by suggestions on
how to improved my overall health. Thank you Dr Lau and Life Choice,
looking forward to my next visit at your office.


I have never accessed a Chiropractor before. I have been dealing with
lower right back pain for 3 weeks! I accessed this offer and so glad I
did. I received a scan and an examination identifying 2 places of
inflammation. I then had the treatmnt followed by guidance. The staff
are completely professional an Dr J was incredible. She was super down
to earth Grab this deal!


Dr. Lau is amazing. After one visit, I feel 100% better and look forward
to my next visit!


Felt very comfortable, she is so knowledgeable and taught me an exercise
for my TMJ that works wonders!! Highly recommend.


Dr. Lau is truly so helpful! I would always be happy to recommend her to
others. She really is knowledgeable in what she does, not only does she
care for her patients but she takes her time to understand how to treat 


The people here are amazing and make everyone feel like family. They
have the best front desk lady in the world along with fantastic
chiropractors. Dr. Julie Lau has done wonders for my back and honestly
without her I’m not sure what my quality of life would be. I love this
place and the people who represent it. Very clean and professional. Stop
reading this and book an appointment, tell em chase sent ya.


Dr. Jonathan is honestly the best chiropractor I have ever had. He is very friendly, personable, and TRULY cares for his patients. He always begins with a very thorough assessment before doing any adjustments. He takes his time and makes sure that he asks the right questions and examines your spine, posture, and leg length before doing any treatments… not every chiropractor does this. But he takes great care with every patient, young or old, to ensure that he gives them the best treatment possible and addresses all of their individual needs. He also focuses on nutritional and supplemental care, too… he’s really passionate about the overall health and wellness of his patients. So it’s cool that he’s super knowledgeable about those things and offers these other services. His chiropractic office is also really nice and clean, too, which is a plus. 🙂 He makes you feel very comfortable, especially if it’s your first time getting chiropractic care. His chiropractic technique is extremely effective, and he adjusts very well… better than any I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t entrust my chiro treatment to anyone else.

BOTTOM LINE IS THIS: You won’t find a better chiropractor in South OC!! Trust me on this!


“Dr. Jonathan is amazing! He takes his time with all his patients. I love the fact that he goes above & beyond. For example, he tries to educate me with any questions and concerns I have regarding my back pain. He also ask specifically what is bothering me before the adjustment. After, I always walk out feeling like a new person with my shoulders pulled back and back straight. Definitely worth every visit”

“Amazing doctor!”